A Villanova basketball player charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana will enter a first-time offender program and will have his record expunged if he stays out of trouble for a year.

Reggie Redding, who helped lead the team to a Final Four berth last year, appeared before a Delaware County judge today and was placed in Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). He alsoe was ordered to serve 16 hours of community service and ordered to pay all court costs.

"It was fair," Redding said of the disposition.

The senior guard was arrested in July when police investigating a report that a car hit a pedestrian crosswalk sign near campus found a clear bag containing the drug in a parked vehicle owned by Redding.

He was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and with possession of drug paraphernalia. The paraphernalia charge was later dismissed.

Redding missed 10 games for violating university policy. He started practicing with the team yesterday and is eligible to play in this Saturday's game against Fordham University.