One ticket sold in Ohio hit the Powerball jackpot, valued at $261.6 million for the annuity, or about $135 million cash.

That puts the two major multistate games back on par with each other. Tomorrow night, Mega Millions will be worth $17 million, or $11 million cash. Saturday night, Powerball starts over with less cash - $10.3 million - but with its annuity payout at $20 million.

Before taxes, of course.

Mega Millions actually rose this week, because no ticket had all the numbers drawn Tuesday night - 12, 27, 44, 45 and 51, with a Mega Ball of 30. An Arkansas ticket won $500,000 for having the first five numbers plus the Megaplier multiplier option of 2, which doubled the regular second prize. That prize, $250,000, was won by two California tickets and one each in New Jersey, Maryland and Washington.

Mega Millions was won twice last week, with $64 million hit in New York on May 26, then $12 million in North Carolina on Friday.

Powerball produced a trio of $1 million winners last night, as tickets in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina matched the first five numbers - 4, 9, 14, 39 and 43 - while having the Power Play multiplier option. They missed only the Powerball, which was 38.

Winning $200,000 were three Florida tickets, two Tennessee tickets, and one each in Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine and Texas.

The Ohio ticket that hit the Powerball jackpot was purchased at the Carryout in Sunbury, north of Columbus.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are among the 40 states now selling both games.

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