This morning on WIP (610-AM), sports-talker Al Morganti said fans are witnessing one of the greatest stories in sports history - the incredible comeback of Michael Vick.

The adulation underwent acceleration last night, as Vick and company pulled off a host of remarkable plays in a 59-28 whipping of the Washington Redskins, setting records along the way.

Observers nationwide scrambled for superlatives, raising hopes in Philly for an amazing ride.

Here's a sampling of the comments:

"It's the most remarkable performance I've seen on a Monday night. . . . There isn't a darn thing all night long that Michael Vick didn't do. It was incredible."

- Ron Jaworksi, commentator on ESPN's "Monday Night Football," and former Eagles quarterback

Headline: "Mr. MVP"

"This is unprecedented, really – a thought too preposterous for even a movie. How can Michael Vick walk from prison back into the NFL and become the best player in the league two years after wondering if he would ever play again? . . . Never has a quarterback been as brilliant as Vick was on Monday, where almost every pass he threw was perfect, where he ran through tackles and plunged into the end zone and where he finished with 413 total yards and six touchdowns."

- Les Carpenter, Yahoo! Sports.

"Eye-opener: Is Vick the best player in football?"

"Yes" - 54 percent of votes.

- USA Today poll

"He ain't in money trouble anymore, brother."

- Hugh Douglas, WIP cohost and ex-Eagles defensive end

"As Good As It Gets"

"Vick was virtually flawless. . . . The Eagles better hope the franchise tag is part of the new collective bargaining agreement."

- Jim Trotter,

"Be Afraid of Michael Vick, Giants, Be Very Afraid"

"It is going to be horror movie Tuesday at Giants headquarters with a double-feature sure to frighten even the steeliest of viewers.

"First up will be the tape of Sunday's loss to the Cowboys, a film that's sure to send some members of the Giants to the lavatories for a bout of vomiting. . . .

"Things will only get more terrifying when they fire up the tape of Monday night's Eagles 59-28 demolition of the Redskins. . . ."

"His [Vick's] play this season has boggled the mind because it defies all logic. How can a player whose game was so based on athletic ability come back after three seasons that were essentially free of football and be a better player than he was when he went away?"

- Josh Alper,

"That first quarter was just jaw-dropping . . . I don't know how you're going to defend him. I don't know how you're going to stop him. . . . Teams have tried everything."

- Ray Didinger, author of "The Eagles Encyclopedia," on WIP.

"Might be the greatest single game performance I've seen in Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacking history. . . . Awesome."

- Jon Gruden, "Monday Night Football" commentator and ex-Eagles offensive coordinator

"It is hard to deny that his comeback is one of the most unexpected in sports history."

- USA Today's Game On! blog

"Who is the best quarterback right now in the NFL?"

"Michael Vick" - 51 percent.

- poll

"Vick proved to be nearly unstoppable."

- Paul Tenorio, Washington Post


"One of the most memorable primetime explosions in NFL history."

- Will Brinson,

"In week 2 I traded Carson Palmer to get Mike Vick. Best. Fantasy. Trade. EVER!"

- Sara24_7_365 on Twitter

"No doubt, the door is open. ... They believe they can win it all with Vick."

- Ex-Eagles linebacker Garry Cobb ( on WIP

"Michael Vick is playing at such a high level, the Eagles may be the team to beat. Not just in the NFC East, but in the NFC period. . . . Vick is now the total package. Name an NFC quarterback who has had a better season. Vick has 11 touchdown passes and no interceptions. He has yet to commit a turnover. . . . Vick has become a nightmare to defend."

- Clifton Brown,

"Vick is playing lights out, good for him to redeem himself like that. Lookin' scary for our next two encounters with Philthydelphia."

- rey713, on fan forum

"Sorry, Michael Vick. Still can't forgive you."

- kmsstratct on Twitter

"Philadelphia, you have an amazing sports town."

- Angelo Cataldi, WIP host, noting that the Flyers are tearing up hockey, and the Phillies Roy Halladay could win the Cy Young Award today.

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