A meeting will take place this week so attorney Robert Stauffer can thank - and reward - a West Chester homeless man for turning in an envelope full of cash he found.

Inside was $1,440, mostly in 100 and 50 dollar bills.

"It was a decent wad of cash," Stauffer said.

The Pottstown attorney was in the office of the Chester County Recorder of Deeds on Tuesday, planning to use the cash to get some mortgages recorded.

But the envelope was gone.

"I turned, like, gray," he recalled.

Not only did his coat pocket have a hole, so did the lining of his overcoat. The envelope must have fallen out in the 100 or so feet he walked from his car.

No sign of it anywhere, though.

"Something in an envelope like that should have been conspicuous," he said.

Because the envelope bore the name of Apex Community Credit Union, he figured he'd check if the money wound up there.

Nope - but the police had called, saying the money had been turned in, Stauffer said.

Turns out a homeless man, John Kavanaugh, valued his integrity more than his economic needs.

"I was walking in the snow," the gray-bearded man told 6ABC. "I was over by the YMCA, across the street. I stepped on an envelope and the green came out."

He figured somebody needed that cash.

"If it was somebody's rent money, you know, they could use it," he said. "It could set you back."

"It reinforces my faith in humanity," Stauffer said. "I expected I would never see that money."

Attempts for the two men to meet last week didn't work out, but police called Stauffer on Sunday night to set up a meeting.

Probably Wednesday or Thursday, Stauffer said.

"I am going to make it square with this guy. Clearly, I gotta give him some money," Stauffer said.

He'll probably also make a donation to whatever shelter or food pantry Kavanaugh frequents, "so they know who he is, so he gets a little special treatment."

"It kind of gives me a warm feeling that there are people that would do this without hesitation, regardless of their station or status or wealth," he said.

"There is hope for us all, especially in light of all the nonsense in the world."

Stauffer, who plans to buy himself a new coat, mentioned the possibility of giving Kavanaugh the old one.

Then he thought better of it.

"If I do anything, I'll get him something brand new," Stauffer said.

"I'm looking forward to meeting him," the attorney said. "I'm certainly eternally grateful."

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