The Phanatic, ever the trouper, will back in action at Citizens Bank Park this evening as the Phils take on Oakland at 7:05.

"He's going to play hurt," club spokesman Scott Palmer said.

On Wednesday, a foul ball caught the big green furball in the throat - and sent Tom Burgoyne inside off to a hospital with a lump over the eye and a slight concussion.

It happened at the Iron Pigs game in Allentown, with the ever-dangerous John Mayberry Jr. at the plate.

Let's go to the highlight reel:

The mascot was planted in empty seats a couple of rows behind the first base dugout when the play-by-play announcer yells "Watch out, Phanatic! Heads up!" as a sharply hit foul bounces up and whacks the featured creature right below his megaphone-like schnoz.

Down goes the Phanatic! But quickly he's raising his hands, as if he doesn't need help.

He rises, then turns around and does a dramatic slo-mo faint, getting laughter from some fans.

No footage of what happened next, however.

Burgoyne felt woozy, so he sought medical attention, Palmer said.

No scene happened where the lovable monstrosity got carted off on a stretcher. That would have been a sight.

Tom Burgoyne, the man inside for 19 seasons, posted this message on Facebook on Thursday:

"Hi Everybody - Thanks for all of your posts, texts and emails. The Phanatic is fine. He took one off the neck last night at the Iron Pigs game. Since we're soooo close, I felt his pain and have a nice golf ball-sized knot just above my eye. Bring on the A's this weekend - the Phanatic will be ready!"

Forget a report that the Phillies put the Phanatic on the 15-day disabled list, and planned to recall the Iron Pigs' two mascots, Ferrous and FeFe.

Don't be surprised, though, if the Phanatic doesn't ham it up a bit, playing for sympathy from the crowd, perhaps finding a couple of nice nurses.

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