The Phanatic, ever the trouper, will back in action at Citizens Bank Park this evening as the Phils take on Oakland at 7:05.

"He's going to play hurt," club spokesman Scott Palmer said.

On Wednesday, a foul ball caught the big green furball in the throat - and sent Tom Burgoyne inside off to a hospital with a lump over the eye and a slight concussion.

It happened at the Iron Pigs game in Allentown, with the ever-dangerous John Mayberry Jr. at the plate.

Let's go to the highlight reel:

The mascot was planted in empty seats a couple of rows behind the first base dugout when the play-by-play announcer yells "Watch out, Phanatic! Heads up!" as a sharply hit foul bounces up and whacks the featured creature right below his megaphone-like schnoz.

Down goes the Phanatic! But quickly he's raising his hands, as if he doesn't need help.

He rises, then turns around and does a dramatic slo-mo faint, getting laughter from some fans.

(See video here:

No footage of what happened next, however.

Burgoyne felt woozy, so he sought medical attention, Palmer said.

No scene happened where the lovable monstrosity got carted off on a stretcher. That would have been a sight.

Tom Burgoyne, the man inside for 19 seasons, posted this message on Facebook on Thursday:

"Hi Everybody - Thanks for all of your posts, texts and emails. The Phanatic is fine. He took one off the neck last night at the Iron Pigs game. Since we're soooo close, I felt his pain and have a nice golf ball-sized knot just above my eye. Bring on the A's this weekend - the Phanatic will be ready!"

Forget a report that the Phillies put the Phanatic on the 15-day disabled list, and planned to recall the Iron Pigs' two mascots, Ferrous and FeFe.

Don't be surprised, though, if the Phanatic doesn't ham it up a bit, playing for sympathy from the crowd, perhaps finding a couple of nice nurses.