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Powerball, Mega Millions lottery jackpots rise again

The biggest lottery jackpots have rolled over again.

The biggest lottery jackpots have rolled over again.

A few more times, and players will be dreaming of a very green Christmas. As in major moola.

Tuesday, Mega Millions' annuity will be worth $116 million - or $85.4 million cash - because no one hit all the numbers drawn Friday night.

That's the game's biggest jackpot in more than eight months.

The numbers were 4, 12, 29, 49 and 51, with a Mega Ball of 44. Matching the first five were two tickets sold in New York, another two in California, and one each in Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Oregon. Payouts are at least $250,000, and would be boosted to $1 million if any also had the Megaplier multiplier option.

Wednesday's Powerball drawing will be worth $78 million for the annuity, $48.6 million for the cash, because no one matched all of the numbers that came up Saturday: 4, 19, 33, 41 and 59 with a Powerball of 9.

A Maryland ticket won $1 million for matching the first five while having the Power Play multiplier option. Winning $200,000 each, for also matching five, were tickets sold in Indiana, Minnesota and Texas.

To read about last week's lucky streak, which included a $1.2 million winner in Philadelphia, as well as others in Cherry Hill, Pennsauken and Willingboro, go to

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