A Delaware County man convicted of putting spyware on his father's computer to capture passwords to e-mail accounts was sentenced Wednesday to two years probation.

Parth Ingle, 25, of Pottstown, also was given 80 hours of community service and ordered to pay court costs.

The sentence was not what the prosecution had wanted.

Joseph Lesniak, assistant district attorney, said the case was about privacy and a violation of one of the most fundamental rights.

Defense attorney John Kusturiss said the law was meant to be applied in cases of identity theft and his client was just helping his mother and trying to keep their family together.

The case stems from the 2008 unsolved murder of Arunkumar Ingle, the father, who was found dead by his wife in the bedroom of their Middletown Township home. The 55-year-old Boeing engineer had been beaten and stabbed. The investigation remains open.

Parth Ingle, who had a contentious relationship with his father, and Avnee Ingle, his 28-year-old sister, were charged with wiretapping and intercepting e-mails. Avnee Ingle was acquitted of all charges at a trial.

Parth Ingle installed the eBlaster software to help his mother, Bhavnaben Ingle. The e-mails revealed that Arunkumar Ingle was having an affair with a Philadelphia woman, Anna Sudakevich, since 2003. He also installed GPS device on the his father's car.

Sudakevich testified she was unaware Arunkumar Ingle was married until Parth Ingle came to her home to confront his father. She also testified Arunkumar Ingle was planning on getting a false passport, faking his own death and moving with her to India.

Immediately after Judge Ann A. Osborne pronounced the sentence, Pennsylvania State Police detectives who had been observing the trial and sentencing hearing, left the room.