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Police seek identity of jeweler’s killer

The man believed to have killed a Connecticut jeweler last week was seen in Philadelphia three days earlier, possibly casing stores on Jewelers Row, police said Thursday.

The man, who wore a dark-colored jeff cap and dark-framed eyeglasses, was recorded on surveillance video Dec. 5 visiting Jewelers Row.

Three days later, police say, he fatally shot Yekutiel Zeevi, 65, and wounded his business partner during an after-hours meeting at their jewelry business in Westport, Conn.

Police said the motive was robbery, but they have not confirmed what was taken.

When it rained, the man carried a dark umbrella with the Victorinox logo, which is found on Swiss Army knives.

He was described by witnesses as an "Ivy League" type of persdon who was well-spoken and "appeared to have a considerable knowledge" about diamonds, said Sgt. Jim Kline of the Connecticut State Police.

Authorities ask that anyone with information about the man call Westport police at 203-341-6080.