The shake-up continues online over. xxx Internet domains, generally associated with explicit sexual content - porn.

For weeks before the Dec. 6 start date, all sorts of fine institutions and proper people - from Disney to Harvard, from the NFL to Donald Trump - went into a buying frenzy.

Not to buy addresses for their own use. To take them out of use.

To avoid potentially embarrassing associations.

Penn State, rocked by a child-sex scandal, reportedly bought up,,, and the

Search for one and a black screen comes up that says "This domain has been reserved from registration."

Ditto for Temple, Drexel, Penn, Swarthmore, Tastykake, Comcast, Verizon, Acme, AccuWeather, Philadelphia, Philly, Phillies and PhiladelphiaEagles.

But not everyone has taken action, apparently. to some names yields no results, suggesting the name could be obtained and used - even for a type of extortion.

Worse, some searches, like, can fetch a page that says, "This page is parked free, courtesy of, and has such links as "Meet a Tranny" and "Tushy Massage." The owner of is registered as Chris Cacioppo of Emfluence, an "interactive marketing" company in Kansas City, Mo.,

Attempts to contact him were not immediately successful.

Since that's unavailable, GoDaddy suggests other options, such as "," for $99.99 a year.

The possibilities for mischief are many. and were reportedly already snatched up by outside individuals.

However, measures are actively being taken against "nefarious conduct," according to the ICM Registry, the service behind the extensions. Registrations have been suspended in cases of "unmistakable, blatant cybersquatting," said a news release issued Tuesday.

"The suspended registrations include patterns of abusive registrations for names like,,,,,,, and, amongst others," the statement read.

Disputes over real and stage names will be resolved quickly by the National Arbitration Forum, ICM announced a week before.

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