A deputy Philadelphia fire chief was suspended with intent to dismiss Monday after he pleaded guilty last month in Bucks County of offenses related to a physical altercation with his wife, the fire commissioner said.

Robert J. Wilkins, 50, had been disciplined for failing to tell the department he had been charged in September for an incident in Warminster involving his wife, said Commissioner Lloyd Ayers.

Wilkins pleaded guilty on Mar. 6 to harassment and several counts of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to probation and anger management, court records show.

"That's a very serious infraction," Ayers said.

Wilkins, who had "26 years, good years" with the department, Ayers said, was suspended Monday for 30 days with intent to dismiss.

Wilkins is one of 15 deputy fire chiefs, Ayers said. Ranking above those positions is the executive fire chief, and then the deputy commissioners.

Wilkins made headline in 2010 when he shot an intruder in his Northeast Philadelphia home. He was not charged in that case, which police described as self-defense.