Keep those jackets and umbrellas handy.

Today's high in the upper 60s might be the warmest temperature for a week, and several days could see rain.

After some warm, dry weeks, spring should behave more normally.

"We'll have a pretty good chance of showers and even thunderstorms on Thursday," said meteorologist Kristin Kline of the National Weather Service.

Rain could be on and off during the morning, followed by a threat of afternoon or evening thunderstorms, perhaps with downpours.

"They could possibly be around during the evening rush hour," Kline said.

After highs around 60 Thursday and Friday, which should be sunny but breezy, temperatures might top out in the mid to upper 50s through Monday. Lows are expected in the low 40s during that stretch.

A cloudy Saturday could see a little daytime rain, with showers are more likely after dark.

The rain might linger into Sunday, but Thursday's the better bet for significant rain, Kline said.

Temperatures might not return to the 70s until Thursday of next week, according to's extended forecast.