Now we know what unlucky numbers look like.

In last night's Powerball drawing, 7, 8, 33, 38 and 50 came up, along with a Powerball of 29, producing one of the stingiest payouts in a year.

No one hit the jackpot. No one matched the first five numbers, so no one won the $1 million or $2 million prizes.

In Pennsylvania, nobody even won the $10,000 or $40,000 prizes. The biggest prize was $200, and only 21 tickets won that.

Nationwide, less than $2.6 million was won. In April, the average non-jackpot payout was almost $11 million.

Because no one landed the top prize, the jackpot rose for Saturday's drawing to $60 million for the annuity, $37.5 million for the cash.

Mega Millions has nearly twice as much up for grabs Friday night: $118 million over 25 years, $86 million as a lump sum, because no one matched all of Tuesday's numbers: 24, 27, 31, 45 and 52, with a Mega Ball of 38.

One factor in Powerball's power outage is that high numbers tend to reduce winners, because of a preference to play special dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. For example, Saturday's numbers were all high — 31, 39, 40, 57 and 58, with a Power Ball of 33 — and the payout was only $3.8 million, with only a single $1 million winner.

Last month's biggest non-jackpot payout of $23.2 million happened April 7, when all the numbers were low enough to be calendar dates: 5, 13, 17, 20 and 30, with a Powerball of 18. Fourteen tickets matched the first five numbers, snagging a total of $19 million.

Even with "unlucky" 13.

Tickets sales, which rise with jackpot size, are another factor. But April 7's $80 million jackpot was far from the highest of the month. A jackpot worth $172.7 million was hit April 25 by a ticket sold at the Newsstand at the Gallery in Philadelphia. A group of SEPTA workers reportedly won that. The non-jackpot payout was $16.5 million, a small fraction of the grand prize.

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