After the judge refused to lower the bail Thursday, the wife of accused tire-slasher David Toledo posted bail, and he was released from county jail.

Toledo, 44, faces more than 40 misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief for slashing tires on his own block of Aldine Street and in other parts of the city's Holmesburg section. He also faces charges of making false accusations.

After his arrest on April 25, neighbors expressed outage, with some frankly wishing him harm, saying they felt betrayed by a man who had angrily claimed to be one of the victims.

One week after the tires were slashed on his wife Yvonne's Chevrolet Beretta, all four tires on his Jeep Cherokee were flattened, he reported to police. Toledo also vented on TV.

This morning, his attorney, William J. Brennan, downplayed concerns about neighborhood animosity and "completely inappropriate" threats.

"Things have calmed down," he said. "He's been accused of slashing tires, not throats."

Prosecutors have until May 21 to disclose their evidence, and Brennan vowed to review each incident "with a magnifying glass."

Motions are scheduled to be heard in Municipal Court on June 4, with a trial set to begin July 12.

All of the misdemeanor counts carry possible jail time, Brennan said.

The aggregate bail from more than 40 complaints was set at $270,000, and Toledo was released after 10 percent was posted Thursday.

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