Motorists who got $85 tickets from red-light cameras deserve a refund, says a Marlton lawyer who is challenging the cameras in court.

Joseph Osefchen filed a class-action lawsuit Friday against Cherry Hill, and he said he will file similar suits next week against Monroe and Glassboro, which also operate red-light cameras.

The Cherry Hill suit - filed on behalf of two motorists who each paid $85 after receiving citations generated by cameras at Springdale Road and Route 70 - claims the township has not conducted required inspections and certifications of the traffic signals and cameras.

The timing of the yellow phase of the lights also may be illegally short, the suit alleges.

Cherry Hill, Glassboro, Stratford, Monroe and 17 other New Jersey towns were ordered by the state Department of Transportation this month to halt ticketing based on red-light cameras until the timing of the cameras and lights are certified to meet state requirements.

The lights may not have a sufficiently long yellow phase to meet the requirements of a state pilot program that permitted 25 towns to install the cameras, the department said.

Cherry Hill officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the lawsuit, which was filed in Superior Court.

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