The Philadelphia Parking Authority will refund about $800,000 in red-light-camera fines issued between Feb. 11 and April 13 at the intersection of Island Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard in the Eastwick section of Philadelphia.

The agency said Friday that refunds are necessary because the PPA failed to post the required warning signs at the intersection when the cameras were first installed. The warning signs were not posted until Feb. 13, which triggered a required 60-day warning period before $100 fines could legally be issued.

Of 13,459 violations issued during the 60-day period, about 8,000 involved fines paid by motorists. Those 8,000 will be refunded; the others will be downgraded to warning notices with no fines attached, said spokesman Martin O'Rourke.

Anyone with questions regarding a violation notice received or a fine paid for tickets at the intersection may contact Deborah Clayton at 215-683-9772 or   - Paul Nussbaum