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Two Bucks teens accused of drawing chalk figures on road

Chalk it up as a learning experience.

Chalk it up as a learning experience.

Two Bucks County teenagers were ticketed this week for criminal mischief when they were allegedly caught drawing chalk figures of sea turtles and a whale on a Doylestown Borough street.

Connor Logan, 18, of Doylestown Township, and a 17-year old Doylestown Borough boy were drawing the figures with white chalk on North Clinton Avenue near Wood Street just before midnight Tuesday, borough police said Friday.

Officer Bryan Pullar came across the teenagers and wrote the tickets, Police Chief James Donnelly said.

Logan and the 17-year-old - police withheld his name - face an Aug. 22 hearing before District Judge Mark D. Douple. If found guilty, each could be fined "in the range of $100 or more," Donnelly said.

"That's if they're found guilty," the chief said. "I don't believe they are going to be found guilty."

Borough buildings have been vandalized with graffiti recently, Donnelly said, "mostly with spray paint, but some with chalk. Some have been obscene - drawings of penises."

Logan and his chalk mate "are not connected to that other thing," Donnelly said, "but then again, they were drawing with chalk and doing it at midnight."

Police were not trying to send a message by ticketing the teenagers, the chief said.

"All I know about it is that the officer discovered them and cited them for criminal mischief," Donnelly said. "I haven't talked to the officer."

Logan could not be reached for comment.

He told the Doylestown Intelligencer that he and his friend found the chalk and drew the figures as they waited for friends.

"I just thought drawing on the street with chalk was a harmless, harmless thing," he said.