Phillies fans have often been red-faced this season because of the team's embarrassing play. But a young woman turned an especially bright shade of crimson recently, when she covered her face with lipstick - including her eyebrows.

"She's been putting that lipstick on her game since the beginning of the game," said a broadcaster during Tuesday's game against the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park. "She's getting darker and darker." (Check out the video:

She looked sober - didn't miss a spot. So maybe she was bored with the game. Or maybe we'll see her soon on ABC's Shark Tank, seeking startup loot for her new invention, Sun Block in a Tube.

Anyway, she joins a growing list of fans in the stands displaying memorable, if not disreputable, behavior.

Recently, a passed-out Phillies fan had three beer cans stacked on his head, as immortalized in a photo posted by a girl on Twitter. (Click on "View images" under lipstick photo at right.)

Last week, a guy made a great snag of a ball that bounced off a speaker in a game against the Washington Nationals. Early this month, a fan caught a ball but sent his beer splashing all over himself - and others.

Then there's the Human Rally Towel (actually Pat Sheinman of Ambler) who regularly appears at the South Philly park and at spring training.

Few will forget the teen who got Tasered for running on the field. See video:

Most notorious of all, though, is probably "Pukemon," a Cherry Hill man who went to jail for intentionally vomiting on an off-duty cop's young daughter.

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