Firefighters have put out a fire and plugged a leak in an overturned propane tank truck that prompted the evacuation of buildings in a one-mile radius of the crash in a mostly rural stretch of Bedminster, Bucks County.

It is not clear yet when evacuees will be allowed to return to their homes and businsses and roads remained closed in the area as crews prepared to transfer propane still in the tank to another vehicle.

At least one person was reported injured in the 8 a.m. crash between another vehicle and the tanker that sparked a stubborn fire on Easton Road (Route 611) near Creamery Road.

Instead of attacking the fire directly, firefighters poured water on the propane tank to keep it cool and to prevent it from exploding.

Some units were to remain at the scene while the remaining propane was transferred to another tank.

During the drawn out operation, commanders brought in more units to relieve firefighters battling the blaze. They also requested a diesel fuel truck to refuel fire vehicles.

Commanders initially planned to evacuate buildings within a half-mile of the fire but extended it to a mile as the blaze continued to burn.

An evacuation center was set up at St. John the Baptist Church and School on Route 611, a mile north of the burning tank truck.

Buildings in the area include a Kimberton Whole Foods Store, medical offices and the Ottisville Volunteer Fire Co.

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