This morning, Google's usual logo is replaced by a gradually assembling rectangle with triangle-in-circle icon inviting folks to click and watch a video.

Beware: You might be bored by what superficially appears to be annoying self-promotion of the Google name.

Unless you're a major movie buff and realize what's really going on.

A little Googling shows shows the idea was to celebrate the 93d anniversary of the birth of graphic designer/filmmaker Saul Bass, known for stylish movie title segments and posters for many films, including Vertigo and West Side Story.

Design Week gives the homage a big thumbs-up.

Ah, now we see. The opening image recalls Psycho, and other images recall the likes of Spartacus, Anatomy of a Murder and North by Northwest.

So it's not just self-promotion.

But, honestly, the animated images by themselves aren't very compelling, and making the Google name the major design element is repetitive and off-putting.

Better to have used the name "Saul Bass" interspersed with directors' names or movie years, if using the titles would be too obvious.

Good idea. Dubious delivery.