Powerball has boosted its jackpot for Wednesday's drawing because of stronger-than-expected ticket sales.

The jackpot is now $360 million for the annuity - up $10 million from this morning - or $229.2 million for the cash, up by $7.6 million.

It's the fifth biggest cash prize in U.S. lottery history.

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The annuity jackpot - seventh all-time - has now grown $90 million in just one week.

If no one wins Wednesday, the jackpot could wind up in the record books.

No jackpot this large has ever rolled over - yet.

The record for an unhit jackpot is $356 million, set last March by Mega Millions. When no one won, the country went bananas, and skyrocketing sales resulted in a $656 million annuity.

Three winners split $471 million in cash.

Powerball's all-time top annuity prize of $587.5 million was set in November, after rolling over from $325 million.

The current runup is especially impressive because rival Mega Millions has an enormous jackpot for tonight's drawing - $170 million for the annuity, $126 million for the cash.

Mega Millions tickets cost $1 each, half of the price for Powerball.

Both drawings have lousy odds: 1 chance in 175 million with a single ticket.

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