A bear has been wandering Burlington County neighborhoods for the past week.

According to police reports, the same large black bear has been sighted from Florence Township down to Westampton. Most recently, the bear, which has done no reported damage, was sighted in Mount Laurel shortly after 1 p.m. on Sunday, said a supervisor at Burlington County Communications.

Dawn McKenna, who lives on the 200 block of Meadow Drive in Mount Laurel, said late Sunday that the bear was spotted down the street but she hadn't seen it herself.

"My husband just spoke to somebody who said the cops who were here down the street said not to go out in the dark, don't take your trash out in the dark and things like that since might be eating your trash," she said.

The case has been turned over to New Jersey's Fish and Wildlife Department. The Department did not return requests for comment. - Sarah Smith