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Alleged 'Swiss Cheese Pervert' still in police custody

Records show Chris Pagano is holed up in Curran-Fromhold with a $30,000 bail.

Chris Pagano is accused of Swiss misdeeds.
Chris Pagano is accused of Swiss misdeeds.Read more

THE ALLEGED "Swiss Cheese Pervert" remained in police custody last night, according to court records, after being arraigned early yesterday.

Chris Pagano, 41, was holed up at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Holmesburg, the records show. His bail was set at $30,000.

Pagano is charged with stalking, indecent exposure and related offenses, according to police.

The charges stem from three incidents - one in January 2013 on Frankford Avenue near Bleigh; one Jan. 5 on Frankford Avenue near Princeton; and another Jan. 5 on Chippendale Street near Erdrick - in which he allegedly approached women with his genitals exposed and asked them to perform sexual acts on him with a piece of Swiss cheese.

Richard Hark, Pagano's lawyer, declined to comment.

Pagano faces a preliminary hearing Feb. 18.

The Norristown resident's arrest came Thursday as a result of a nearly weeklong investigation by the Philadelphia Police Department's Special Victims Unit.

Several women from Northeast Philadelphia told police that they had been approached by Pagano, who also allegedly posted about his fetish in detail on Craigslist and on various dating websites.

Gabby Chest, a Bridesburg native, told the Daily News that Pagano contacted her on OkCupid in 2012, asking her to "perform masturbation on him" with Swiss cheese.