Police are looking for two people who allegedly stole more than $800 worth of Red Bull last weekend from several Wawa stores in Toms River.

Investigators said the thefts occurred between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at multiple Wawa stores along the Route 37 corridor.

Each time, a woman allegedly entered the store first and assumed a lookout position near the entrance.

A man carrying a black nylon suitcase, a clipboard, and a cell phone walked in minutes later and headed for the refrigerated-beverage storage room of each outpost, according to investigators. Both suspects allegedly left the stores within two to three minutes of arriving.

Police said that, in each instance, the man wheeled the suitcase on his way out. Investigators suspect the luggage was filled with stolen energy drinks.

An inventory conducted by the Wawa stores that were allegedly targeted revealed the outlets were missing multiple cases of Red Bull with an estimated value of over $800, according to police.

One suspect is described as a white male with a receding hairline, slicked-back brown hair pulled into a ponytail and a thin, chinstrap-style beard that may be graying at the chin.

The second suspect is described as a white female with shoulder-length brown hair and a tattoo on her left breast. Police believe the couple may be operating a dark-colored, older model Dodge pickup truck.

Anyone with information on the suspects or crime is asked to contact the Toms River Police Department at 732-349-0150.