A Collingdale woman is suing a former Darby Township police officer and the Darby Township police department in federal court, claiming the former cop stalked her and forced her to have sex with him inside the police station in 2009 and 2010.

The defendant, Kevin Walker, 44, is currently serving 10 to 23 months in jail after pleading guilty last year to an "official oppression" charge related to a long list of sexual assault charges filed by at least three women, according to online court records. Numerous sexual assault charges were either withdrawn or "disposed at a lower court," the records show.

It is unclear whether the plaintiff in the federal case against Walker, Darby Township police department and Darby Township Police Chief Robert Thompson was one of the victims of the cases filed against Walker in Delaware County Common Pleas Court in early 2012.

Plaintiff Stephanie Tozer, of Collingdale, accuses Walker of ongoing predatory sexual behavior, stalking and abuse of his police power from 2009 to 2010, starting with an incident inside the police station where he allegedly forced Tozer to expose her breast to Walker and another township officer.

"[Tozer] was taken into custody along with her friend ... and lodged in a detention cell where she was left for many hours," the lawsuit filed this week claims. "Officer Walker and another Darby Township Police Officer ordered the Plaintiff to expose her breast under the guise that this was a requirement as part of the Police search. ... Fearing for her safety, she complied."

Later in 2009, Walker again took Tozer and a friend into custody after coming across the two walking on a Darby street, the suit claims. In custody, he again allegedly forced her to expose her breast.

The suit says a friend of Tozer filed a complaint with Darby police at that time, but the stalking and harrassment allegedly continued when Walker was both working and off duty.

Walker's aggression and harrassment grew to the point that he eventually forced Tozer to have sex with him "four or five times from approximately October of 2009 through April 2010," the suit claims, "forcing her to have sexual intercourse in the woman's locker room and in a bathroom in the police station."

The harrassment ended in the summer of 2011 when Walker was arrested after other defendants came forward, the suit says.

Walker, who was at one point also an elected constable in Chester, pleaded guilty in criminal court last July and entered prison in August, court records show.

Tozer is seeking compensation for pain and suffering and punitive damages against the defendants.

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