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No food or water, 'miracle' pup survived month in SUV

Everyone's heard of junkyard dogs, but while Little Kia, a tiny, black terrier-schnauzer puppy, may have spent the last month on a Kansas City impound lot, she's no guard dog.

The 12-week-old pup was locked inside a Chevy Suburban sports utility vehicle for a month with no water and only scraps of McDonald's fast food after the SUV was towed April 8. Described as "a miracle puppy" by animal rescuers in Missouri, she was rescued May 6 after a tow lot worker finally discovered the screechy creature (see the video below).

"If that is correct, if the car has been there since April [8], she'd been inside a car with no food or water for nearly a month," said Teresa Johnson, CEO of the Kansas City Pet Project, which is now caring for Kia. "We had her vet check her out yesterday. She is very emaciated and dehydrated. There was trash in the car some McDonald's trash, which looks like she'd been eating."

Beyond her incredible survival skills, Johnson said a cool spring also helped. If it had been a hotter season, Kia may not have been so lucky.

"Well, she's just a little miracle dog. it's amazing," Johnson said.

The Pet Project said on its website that Kia will have to go through another couple weeks of training and then be available for adoption. Or go to their donation page if you'd like to help out.

The owner of the Suburban, who authorities did not identify, still owes $1,100 if they want to get the SUV back.