Bill Cosby's chief accuser, Andrea Constand, offered "heartfelt" thanks Friday morning to the prosecutors who won a conviction against the actor and comedian on three counts of sexual assault, declaring, "Truth prevails."

Constand made her comments in a tweet in which she praised the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Montgomery County "for their service and sacrifices."

"Congratulations," she said. "Truth prevails."

After Thursday's guilty verdict, Constand was lauded for speaking out against the comedian more than a decade ago and keeping her composure during the recent trial, in which she underwent intense questioning from Cosby's defense team.

District Attorney Kevin Steele said Constand was "inspiring."

As Steele spoke, Constand held her arm around her civil attorney, Dolores Troiani.

"When something like this happens to someone, they have to work every day to be happy," Troiani said. She added, "You've all commented on how calm and how graceful she is. That's something she's had to work out every day since January 2004 when this happened to her."

Constand did not speak at the press conference, and she remained largely stoic when the guilty verdict was announced.

Earlier in the day, she had tweeted out a picture and said, "United we stand…"

The verdict represented vindication for Constand, a 45-year-old Canadian massage therapist. More than a decade ago, Cosby had paid her $3.4 million — a confidential payout — to settle a civil suit based on the sexual assault claims. But that was after her story had been rebuffed in 2005 by prosecutors who doubted she could stand up to courtroom scrutiny. And then last year another jury was unable to unanimously agree about her claims.

Last year, as she awaited the jury's decision, Constand tweeted out a video in which she shot a basketball through a hoop, with a message at the end: "Always follow through."

On Thursday, with a guilty verdict in place, Cosby's other accusers gathered outside the courtroom and embraced in relief.