Police in Charlotte, N.C, have arrested a 26-year-old man who was captured in a viral video sucker-punching a 62-year-old man during the Eagles game Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers.

Kyle Adam Maraghy was arrested Friday without incident and charged with simple assault, police said.

The victim was accompanied by Gene Sherba, an Eagles fan from Mount Laurel who was attending the game with his college friend and Panthers fan, CBS Philly reported.

In the video posted online by Warren Carrigan, a man in a Cam Newton jersey identified as Maraghy is seen repeatedly punching the older man in the face. Sherba, wearing an Eagles jersey and hat, and other fans try to intervene and Maraghy and a woman leave the stands. The victim is bleeding from the face and appears stunned.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reported that at 11:17 p.m., guest services at Bank of America Stadium notified off-duty officers that the 62-year-old man was assaulted

"The victim told responding officers that the suspect was seated in front of him during the game, had been standing which led to an argument between them. During the argument, the suspect punched the victim in the face multiple times causing minor injuries," the police department said.

The victim was treated at the scene and released.

Carrigan wrote on Facebook: "dude bro & his chicka were standing for the entire game. words gradually got more and more escalated. there previously was a single mom and her son between us, they left halfway through the 3rd. after that, the lid was off. the dude took offense to the couple never sitting down and obstructing his view. the victim telling the dude bro how they're being jerks and how rude they are for not sitting."

Serba said he believed Maraghy and the woman were standing on purpose to block his view because he was wearing Eagles gear.

Maraghy was being held Friday at Mecklenburg County Jail in lieu of $1,500 bond.