Meet Pancake! This adorable and petite 6-month-old kitten is looking for a forever home with someone who loves to cuddle. Pancake is a special-needs kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects her balance and nothing else — she's very healthy! She may not be able to walk but she does have her own unique way of getting around: Check out her instagram tag or email her foster mom for video. Her favorite things include cuddling with anyone who is willing, people, cats and dogs! She loves to play with catnip toys, go for car rides and snuggle up while her foster family watches TV. She's an easy keeper and can easily travel with her family or go hang out in an office while her family works. She's very silly and loves to stick her tongue out at people! Pancake is looking for a forever family who enjoys all of those things, too.
If you are interested in giving Pancake a forever home or have any questions please email her foster mom, Kelsie, at