Antonio Coulter pleaded guilty this morning to attempted murder and related charges in the shooting last September of Police Officer Richard Decoatsworth.

Coulter, 20, of West Philadelphia, is accused of shooting Decoatsworth in the face about 9 a.m. Sept. 24 with a sawed-off shotgun.

The guilty plea took place before Common Pleas Judge Glenn Bronson, who will later sentence Coulter on the murder, weapons and related charges.

The shooting occurred on Farson Street near Market, which is the block where Coulter lived.

After he was shot, the rookie 21-year-old officer bravely chased the gunman for three blocks - even as blood gushed from his face - until he collapsed.

At Coulter's Nov. 1 preliminary hearing, Homicide Detective Jim Burke read his statement.

In it, Coulter admitted to shooting Decoatsworth and said he did so "because I didn't want to get arrested" for possessing a shotgun.

Asked what part of the officer's body he was aiming at, Coulter replied: "The officer's head."