New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave the Aitken family all they wanted for Christmas Monday.

Christie signed a letter ordering Brian Aitken, a New Jersey man sentenced to seven years in jail for having weapons he legally purchased in Colorado, to be released from Mid-State Correctional Facility as soon as possible.

Aitken, 27, was sentenced in August to seven years after a January 2009 arrest at his parent's home in Mount Laurel, Burlington County. Aitken's mother called the police on him after he was distraught over a custody issue and police found handguns, hollow point bullets, and high capacity magazines in a box in the trunk of his car.

Aitken claimed he was protected under a state exemption because he was moving from Mount Laurel to Hoboken at the time. A Burlington County judge refused to allow the jury to see the exemptions, claiming Aitken's defense team did not present enough evidence during the trial to show he was moving.

Aitken's father, Larry, could barely speak when reached Monday, but thanked "Governor Chris Chringle."

"From my family to yours, Governor, have a wonderful Christmas," Aitken said.