Oh, Rahm, you sly dog, you!

An NBC affiliate in the Windy City reported Monday that Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel recently spoke privately and in person with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey about taking over his hometown police department.

It was unclear exactly where and when the meeting took place, but it didn't take long for rumors about the conversation to spread through police departments in both cities.

Sources within the Philadelphia Police Department say they expect Ramsey to accept the offer if Emanuel makes one.

Today, Emanuel told the Chicago Tribune that he couldn't talk about any discussions he's had with potential candidates for the police superintendent's post.

Earlier this month, though, Emanuel couldn't stop talking about Ramsey, whom he called a "very strong candidate" to replace Jody Weiss, who resigned on March 1.

Chicago's civilian-run Police Board is supposed to submit a list of three candidates before Emanuel takes office in mid-May.

Ramsey, who started his law enforcement career in Chicago more than four decades ago, has said that he "can't dismiss" the idea of bringing his career full circle.