Key elements of the $1 trillion-plus 2012 measure:

$518 billion for the core Pentagon budget, a 1% boost, excluding military operations overseas.

$115 billion for Pentagon war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan - $43 billion less than 2011 costs.

$7.2 billion to sustain and modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

$11.8 billion for the IRS, an almost 3% budget cut.

$39.6 billion for homeland security programs, a 5% cut, although border security and immigration enforcement are increased.

$8.4 billion for the EPA, a 6% cut from President Obama's request.

$4.3 billion for the Indian Health Service, a 6% increase.

$11.6 billion for grants to school districts for

special-needs children.

$4.3 billion for Congress' own budget, a 5% cut.

$122.2 billion for veterans programs.

$3.5 billion for low-income heating and utility subsidies, a cut of about 25%.

$53.3 billion for foreign aid and the State Department's budget.

$8.1 billion for disaster aid.

Pell Grant program changes that maintain the maximum award at $5,550 but limit the semesters the grants may be received and make income eligibility standards more strict.

Policy provisions in the measure includes ones to:

Block the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the United States.

Block new energy-efficiency regulations for light bulbs.

Bar the District of Columbia government from funding abortions for poor women.

Ban federal funding of needle-exchange programs that help prevent the spread of AIDS among drug users.

Require the government to use the E-verify system to make sure new federal hires are eligible to work in the United States.

SOURCE: Associated Press