A Rider University student who claims she was injured during a brawl among drunken fans at an Eagles-Houston game at Lincoln Financial Field in 2010 has filed suit against the Eagles.

The suit by Amanda Mulheron, 21, charges that the Eagles and the stadium were negligent in failing to provide adequate security for fans, and that Aramark was negligent in selling beer to obviously intoxicated men.

Mulheron says she wound up under a pile of brawling men in the stands during the game on Dec. 2, 2010, and suffered an injured ankle.

"She was an innocent bystander of a fight among spectators in her row," said her lawyer Thomas Smith. She contends that security evicted the men early in the game, but then let them back later.

Eagles spokesman Rob Zeiger declined to comment on the suit, but added, "We do our best to provide a safe and hospitable environment for our fans."

The suit, which also names Aramark Food Services and others, was filed in Mercer County Superior Court in New Jersey.