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D.A. charges blogger for Facebook threats

There apparently is a limit to what you can write on Facebook.

There apparently is a limit to what you can write on Facebook.

The District Attorney's Office said Monday that it has charged a blogger, Joshua Scott Albert, with three counts each of criminal solicitation to commit murder, terroristic threats and harassment for Facebook pages he created calling for the murders of two top law-enforcement officials here and another page that supported two alleged cop killers.

Tasha Jamerson, D.A.'s Office spokeswoman, said the charges were approved over the weekend and that authorities are looking for Albert, 26.

Albert, a former Philadelphia restaurant worker and creator of the infamous Staph Meal blog, had created a Facebook page called "I Support Chancier McFarland & Rafael Jones" - the two alleged cop-killers who gunned down Officer Moses Walker Jr., who was off-duty, during an attempted robbery in North Philly on Aug. 18.

That page was removed Aug. 26.

(A new page with that same name has since been created, but it is not immediately clear if Albert created it. As of about 12 p.m. Monday, it had just one comment on it that said, "Take this junk off!")

The original page showed two gruesome images of police officers, one headless and the other with no hands. It said it was "a page to show support for the two brave men who shot and killed" Walker. It showed photos of McFarland and Jones.

In one comment, Albert had written on the page: "What's better than one dead cop? ................................ Two"

In another comment, he wrote: "Just think: If every cop (pig) donated $1 to the 'take down this site fund' it would be like $13,000. Sounds like a good deal if you ask me."

The page sparked outrage among law-enforcement authorities, including John McNesby, president of the local Fraternal Order of Police.

On Aug. 28, Albert created at least two other Facebook pages: "Kill John McNesby" and "Kill Seth Williams," referring to Philadelphia's district attorney. Those pages have since been removed.

The "Kill John McNesby" page had been described as "a page calling for the murder of Philadelphia Police Union President John McNesby."

The "Kill Seth Williams" page was described as "a page calling for the murder of Philadelphia District Attorney."

Albert had also created a "Kill Mitt Romney" Facebook page, which has also since been removed. The U.S. Secret Service in Washington has said it is investigating this matter.

Albert, reached by the Daily News Monday afternoon, said he had "no comment" on the charges and would not say where he was.

"There is nothing I would like to say," he said.

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