ALLENTOWN - A motorist who shot at another car on the Pennsylvania Turnpike was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay the toll and fees of his victim, who fled through an automated toll lane without paying.

Paul J. Voulo was sentenced Monday to 14 months to four years in state prison and required to clear up the $59 in toll charges that Benjamin P. Kraynak could not shake. Kraynak drove through an E-ZPass electronic toll booth at the Lehigh Valley interchange near Allentown on Aug. 14, 2005, as he tried to flee Voulo. He did not have an E-ZPass account.

Kraynak said he had tried numerous times to explain the situation to turnpike officials.

Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo said Tuesday the agency had sent Kraynak four notices about the unpaid toll and didn't hear from him until February 2006 - a month after the account was sent to a collection agency. DeFebo said the turnpike agency would have waived the administrative fees added to the $1.25 toll if it had known about the crime. - AP