The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Even through an eggplant, perhaps.

Felicia Teske of Boothwyn was slicing on Sunday a pear-shaped purple veggie that she had purchased at a local produce stand when she noticed that the seeds formed a word.

And the word was God.

"It's definitely there," said her husband, Paul.

Unlike similar claims, you don't have to strain your brain this time, he said.

You may have heard, for example, about a Jesus in a Chihuahua's ear or a Virgin Mary in the grease stain of a pizza pan.

"There's no imagination here," he said. "We haven't altered this at all."

So, is it a sign?

"Well, that's quite an interesting question," he said. His wife, an office manager for an insurance brokerage, is switching jobs, so maybe it's a sign that she's making the right decision.

She is a practicing Catholic, he said.

But, as he noted, "if she would have cut it one way or the other, it may not have spelled that out."

If just a fraction different, it might have spelled "GOP." Then it might have been an omen that Karl Rove was about to quit the Bush administration.

"I'm not sure if there is a message here, but God made the eggplant, he formed the seeds, and he guided my wife to cut the eggplant where his name would appear," he said in an e-mail, accompanied by a couple of pictures.

For now, the Teskes are keeping the heaven-sent slice safely stored, while they ponder its meaning . . . or, perhaps, whether to sell it on eBay.