CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane was arrested early yesterday after allegedly punching a plainclothes female New York City police officer in the face around 2 a.m. in Manhattan.

Lane, 35, was charged with assault. New York Police Sgt. Carlos Nieves said Lane's attack left the officer bloody and lacerated.

Lane could not be reached for comment, but an attorney representing her said last night that she "never hit or said any derogatory comments to anyone."

"We are confident that after a full investigation of the facts she will be cleared of these charges," said David Smith, a New York lawyer.

Smith said that Lane was "accosted" by "several" plainclothes police officers as she was photographing an "altercation" between an individual in her party and the plainclothes officers at the corner of West 17th Street and Ninth Avenue.

"She was shocked to learn after the fact that these plainclothes people were police officers," Smith said. "She respects the police and has done numerous positive profiles of them in the Philadelphia area."

Smith declined to identify Lane's companions, and refused to elaborate on the nature of the "altercation." Smith also declined to say if Lane was photographing the incident in a journalistic capacity.

CBS3 spokeswoman Joanne Calabria said that Lane was with radio personality Chris Booker and another couple at the time of the incident. She did not know the identity of the other couple.

Booker declined to comment last night.

According to New York police, Lane was the only one arrested. Police did not say how many officers were involved in the incident, but they confirmed that the arresting officers were in plainclothes.

"We're very concerned for Alycia, we're trying to sort out the situation and we have no other official comment at this time," Calabria said.

Lane was released from custody last night without bail, Smith said.

Lane, who joined CBS3 four years ago, has been the topic of stories focused on her personal life. Earlier this year, she was in the national news after sending pictures of herself wearing a bikini to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen.

Eisen's wife discovered the mails, and sent a caustic reply to Lane that was later widely published. Lane said at the time that she and Eisen were "purely platonic" friends.