After a 90-minute standoff, Philadelphia police broke down a door and captured a suspect yesterday morning in a Northwood home invasion.

Residents of a three-story twin in the 1000 block of Fillmore Street were awakened about 4 a.m. by two men with guns, according to Capt. Daniel Castro. When police arrived, both men fled, he said.

One suspect was captured on a nearby roof, where a gun was also recovered, Castro said.

The other man ran into the adjacent house, a vacant property. Police tried to talk the suspect out of the house for about an hour and a half, Castro said.

A neighbor, Chrisie Moyer, 27, said it was a scary situation because initial television reports said the fugitive might have taken a hostage.

Police were using a bullhorn, she said. "They were saying over and over again, 'The person in 1020, come out or show your face in the window. We don't want anybody to get hurt.' "

Later, an officer saw a man in the rear of the home, and police entered the house and apprehended the suspect, Castro said.

Police broke down a front door, Moyer said. She described the two suspects as teenagers. "They looked like little kids," she said.

Moyer said she also told a SWAT team member: "Job well done."