Police have made five more arrests in connection with a series of robberies in Delaware County and Philadelphia, many of which might have targeted Asians.

One of those arrested, a juvenile, was found in bed beside his 1-year-old daughter, with a .40-caliber handgun under his pillow.

The five arrests brought the number of suspects in custody to seven.

"We are going to go back to 2006 with the assistance of the FBI and try to figure out how big this one is," said Lt. John Walker, of Philadelphia's Southwest Detectives. "There is a lot of work we have to do."

Over the weekend, police arrested five Philadelphia residents:

Rickey Phillips, 18, of the 2600 block of South 80th Street, for a Dec. 3 robbery in Marple Township.

Nuri Murray, 19, of the 5600 block of Windsor Avenue, who is charged in a Nov. 22 robbery in Philadelphia. During a search of Murray's home, police found 113 grams of cocaine, valued at about $11,000. He also faces drug charges.

Malik McCauley, 21, of the block of 2800 South 81st Street, arrested only on drug charges but named a person of interest in the robberies. As police were executing a search warrant of his property, McCauley attempted to flush 43 grams of cocaine, valued about $4,000, down the toilet.

A 17-year-old juvenile, from the 3800 block of Haverford Avenue, who faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, and assault. The child is in the custody of her grandfather, according to police.

A 17-year-old from the 8000 block of Pompey Place, charged in connection with three robberies, two on Nov. 20 and one on Nov. 21, in Philadelphia.

Friday, police arrested Shawn Davis, 18, of the 7900 block of Caesar Place, and Charon Humphrey, 18, of the 7500 block of Wheeler Street, both of Philadelphia, in connection with a Nov. 29 robbery in Middletown Township.

Additional charges against the two were added for the Dec. 3 robbery in Marple Township and eight other Philadelphia robberies.

The Marple robbery occurred at a home in the 100 block of Ferguson Avenue. Police said Davis told them that he, Humphrey and Phillips had just completed another robbery in Philadelphia.

The three then decided to wait outside a restaurant in the 7500 block of West Chester Pike. They selected the establishment because it is "owned by Asians, the owners drive nice cars, and [they] had called the business a few days prior to see what time the business closes," according to court papers.

With Humphrey allegedly driving the car, they followed the victim to her home and accosted her as she tried to enter the house. The victim's 15-year-old son was pushed to the ground as he tried to help his mother.

The suspects fled with about $2,500 in cash, according to court papers.