An inauguration event that an organizer said would bring the people of Camden together and help raise money for Camden High School's marching band has been canceled.

It seems the poor economy got in the way.

Planners were trying to organize a large-scale event on Jan. 20 at Campbell's Field with a big-screen television to show Barack Obama taking the presidential oath of office. However, lead organizer Charles Bechtel, executive director of the Walt Whitman Arts Center, said about $10,000 was required to reserve security and other event needs.

While there was much interest, no one put up the cash.

"I really think the economy has just impacted people's enthusiasm," he said. "They're all more cautious."

The event could have been an activity for Camden's children, who have been given the day off from school.

Planners had also intended for the event to pay for some of the expenses of the Camden High School marching band, which is hoping to compete in an inauguration festival in Washington.

School District spokesman Bart Leff said about $30,000 had been raised for the band expenses. He said the Camden Board of Education Foundation was trying to raise an additional $15,000.