At Campbell's Field, where fans rise to sing of "peanuts and Cracker Jack" as they do at baseball stadiums across the country, peanuts are no longer welcome - at least not in Suite 319.

The 25 seats in that upper section now make up a peanut-free gallery for Camden Riversharks fans who are allergic to the snack and foods prepared with its byproducts.

"We haven't had anyone who's had a reaction," said Riversharks spokesman Poorya Nayerahmadi, "but we noticed a spike in the number of people who let us know that they're allergic to peanuts.

"We didn't want to take any risk, so we created Suite 319."

From there, fans can watch the game in an enclosed section, or sit in the adjacent seats outside - for the upper-box prices ranging from $5 to $12 depending on the day of the week and whether the fan is a child or adult, Nayerahmadi said.

The specially designated section is highly unusual for stadiums where baseball aficionados have been singing the famous peanut line from "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" for more than 100 years.

Across the Delaware River, Citizens Bank Park does not have a peanut-free section, said Leigh Tobin, director of public relations for the Philadelphia Phillies, who added: "I've never heard of that before."

But the idea is not nutty.

"It's reasonable," said S. Michael Phillips, a professor of medicine and director of the allergy program at the University of Pennsylvania.

"I think something that is a relatively restrained response to help people at special risk is a good idea. There is nothing wrong with being prudent to respect the desires of the individual."

How far the future accommodations go could become problematic, though.

"Small but increasingly vocal populations are pushing hard to protect themselves and their children," said Phillips. "It's like the people who said, 'You shouldn't smoke where I am.' "

Will the peanut-free area be expanded "to Sections A, B, and C?" he asked. "You have to be careful not to have the pendulum swing too far.

"But having a small area of protection for these individuals is not a bad idea."

The increasing number of fan requests was the deciding factor in the Riversharks' decision to make the changes at Campbell's Field.

"We try to accommodate our fans in any way possible, and adding the peanut-free section is something I think a lot of fans will take advantage of," said Jeremy Van Etten, the Riversharks' director of ticket operations.

"We are also happy to make special accommodations for patrons with other dietary requirements as well, including kosher diets and gluten allergies."

The fans have been making "requests for peanut-free foods - and that includes things cooked with peanut oil and peanut products," Nayerahmadi said.

Avoiding peanuts "is the most important thing anyone can do," said Phillips, "but because there is the chance of exposure, [those who are allergic] should have an auto-injector with epinephrine" available to combat the reaction.

The Riversharks last night took on the Somerset Patriots and will play them again at 7:05 both tonight and Thursday evening.

Nayerahmadi said that he was not sure whether the fans will stand up for the seventh-inning stretch to sing "God Bless America" or "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Both songs are favorites.

But he was sure that peanuts would not be served in Suite 319.