Jimmy Binns, a Philadelphia lawyer who is a prominent benefactor of police causes, was arrested Tuesday in Margate, N.J., in a property dispute with a neighbor.

Binns, 72, was charged with criminal mischief and released on his own recognizance, with a court appearance set for Jan. 9.

Margate police released a statement saying Binns was arrested "due to an ongoing property dispute with a neighbor."

Reached by phone Tuesday night, Binns said that his neighbor, Allan Ginsberg, had an air-conditioning unit on Binns' property and that he had warned him months ago to have it removed.

Ginsberg, who could not be reached for comment, did not remove the unit, Binns said. So Binns hired a man to remove it.

Binns, a lawyer whose "Hero Cop Plaque" program honors fallen officers across the region, said he stood by his action and predicted he would prevail in court.

"The police made a mistake today, but that's OK," Binns said.