Before William "Pumpkin" Shockley was sentenced Wednesday, a prosecutor showed the judge a T-shirt he said the Coatesville gang leader made to intimidate his community.

On the front was printed the picture of a man who had told the police about Shockley's involvement in a gunfight, Chester County Assistant District Attorney Alex Gosfield said. On the back was a copy of the police affidavit recounting that man's conversation with officials.

Below the picture, Gosfield said, was the question: "Who told on who?"

Shockley, 25, was sentenced in Chester County Court to serve seven to 151/2 years in prison for robbery and drug possession, according to Gosfield.

"Someone who has that level of pride in violent criminal activity is a danger and someone who needs to be off the streets," he said.

In 2012, the Coatesville police listed Shockley as one of the three most dangerous people in the city, according to District Attorney Thomas Hogan. Shockley was formerly a leader in the Goonies street gang, Hogan said.

On Wednesday, Shockley was sentenced for stealing $4,000 from a friend, Zaequon Closson, after an April 2012 dice game at Shockley's home. He was also sentenced for being found in possession of 275 grams of marijuana. Gosfield said police found the shirt shown in court while searching Shockley's home for drugs.

Shockley pleaded guilty to both charges in August.