Golf course owners can appeal eminent domain seizure until Thursday

PHOENIXVILLE The owners of a Phoenixville golf course that the local school district has seized through eminent domain have until Thursday to file an appeal.

Officials at the Phoenixville Area School District had believed the deadline was Monday, 30 days from when they voted to seize the Meadow Brook Golf Course for the purpose of building a new elementary school and early-learning center. But on Monday, district director of operations Stan Johnson said the family that owns the course will have until Thursday to appeal. That is 30 days from when the eminent domain documents were delivered to the owners.

Johnson said he does not believe the owners - a group of family members including 88-year-old Joanne Campbell-Brown, whose great-grandparents bought the land in 1896 - had filed an appeal. Their attorney, Bill Hagner, could not be reached for comment Monday.

The golf course, which is on about fifty acres and has been open for 80 years, would be forced to close if the seizure goes through. - Tricia L. Nadolny