BUENA VISTA TWP., N.J. The two men's heads and hands were cut off with a drywall saw and scissors, authorities said.

And when police found the bodies of Hany Tawadros, 25, and Amgad Konds, 27, in a wooded area of Atlantic County, the teeth had been knocked out with a tire iron.

On Monday, more than a year after the discovery, the Attorney General's Office announced that a state grand jury had indicted Yusuf Ibrahim, 29, of Jersey City.

Ibrahim, according to the 16-count indictment, faces murder, kidnapping, desecration of human remains, and other charges. He was arrested Feb. 10, 2013 - five days after the killings - and is in the Hudson County Jail with bail set at more than $3.5 million. The full motive in the slayings remains unknown, although police said both victims were robbed.

Law enforcement officials, in a statement Monday, said the slayings were the act of a "ruthless and calculated individual," and called Ibrahim "an extraordinarily dangerous man."

On Feb. 5, 2013, police said, Ibrahim abducted Tawadros and Konds, Egyptians living in Jersey City. It is unclear why or how - a spokesman with the Attorney General's Office said he could not give more details - but at some point Ibrahim took control of Konds' Mercedes-Benz.

Ibrahim, whose nationality was not provided by authorities, shot and killed Konds and Tawadros with a .38-caliber handgun, police said. He then drove the bodies to a relative's house in Buena Vista, police said.

In a wooded area behind the house, Ibrahim allegedly cut up the bodies and buried them, the heads and hands separately from the rest.

Ibrahim also stole Tawadros' and Konds' money and jewelry, police said. He stayed at the house that night before driving to Philadelphia the next day and burning the car to try to eliminate evidence, police said.

On Feb. 7, two days after the killings, police responded to a report of suspicious activity outside the Buena Vista house. When authorities arrived with a search warrant the next day, a police dog found Tawadros' and Konds' bodies, their heads buried about 40 yards away. Police also found a pair of scissors, a saw, and a tire iron.

Authorities arrested


three days later in Bayonne.

"These were vicious, cold-blooded murders in which Ibrahim allegedly executed his victims, decapitated them, and bashed out their teeth with a tire iron in an attempt to avoid detection," acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman said in a statement. "This indictment is another step in securing justice for the victims, whose young lives were ended in such a brutal fashion."


has also been charged in connection with an armed robbery in 2012 and a carjacking in 2011, both in Jersey City.


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