BALA CYNWYD The City Ave District will begin a project to ease traffic in the area this week by installing adaptive traffic signal equipment at five intersections along St. Asaph's Road.

Completion of the work is expected in March.

Traffic adaptive signals use video cameras and a wireless system to monitor the vehicles on each approach to every intersection and adjust the signal timing to minimize the delay and make pedestrian crossings safer.

Also, the intersection of St. Asaph's Road and Monument Road/Presidential Boulevard will be upgraded to include new ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, pedestrian push buttons, and pedestrian signals.

"Our overall goal is to make the City Ave District an even more accessible destination for those living, working, or exploring here," Terrence Foley, president and CEO of the City Ave District, said in a statement.

The project was initiated by the City Ave District with support from a $250,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Additional funding was received from Lower Merion Township. - Inquirer staff