Bill Green said Monday that he would not go to court to challenge Gov. Wolf's decision to remove him as chair of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission.

Green, who remains on the five-member panel, said he decided against seeking a legal ruling because he did not want to create a distraction while Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. pushes his new action plan and the district seeks more money from the city and state.

"I believe I am correct on the merits, but I will not risk compromising support for the district by pursuing a court action at the same time as the plan's rollout," Green said in a statement.

"Working with the SRC, the School District is now in a better position than it has been in many years to ensure equity for underserved children," he said.

In an interview Monday afternoon, Green added, "Resolving this allows us to work together as a team, and I think that's more important than my title."

Last week, Wolf removed Green as chairman and replaced him with Marjorie Neff, a retired principal.

The governor acted days after Green defied him by voting to approve five new charter schools. Neff voted against all 39 charter applicants, which Wolf had said he supported.

The governor's spokesman has said that the decision was not solely motivated by the charter vote. He said Neff shares Wolf's educational vision and understands the schools' needs.

At that time, Green said he would challenge the governor's move in court and pay for the cost of the challenge himself.