Development to be discussed

GLEN MILLS Plans to build homes on 300 acres of open space in the county will go before the Concord Township supervisors on Tuesday night.

The proposal from Woodlawn Trustees Inc., which owns the property, calls for 171 homes on what is now open space. Some residents who run and bike on trails on the land have voiced opposition and called for the protection of open space.

The property also abuts more than 1,000 acres of national park land in Delaware and Pennsylvania that is protected from development and was previously also owned by Woodlawn.

Hugh Donaghue, Concord Township's solicitor, said the supervisors could vote on the plans Tuesday night or could simply hear from the developers and residents and choose to vote at a later meeting.

If the supervisors approve the project, Donaghue said, the developers would need to return with more detailed plans for approval.

The meeting is set to begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the auditorium of Garnet Valley High School. - Laura McCrystal