I am absolutely devastated. . . . The Association of Art Museum Directors is meeting in Detroit this week. . . . Anne's gentle presence will be so missed there that I suspect no one will pay much attention to any of the program offerings, instead spending all their time sharing stories of her generosity, her wisdom, her thoughtful comments and gracious mentoring. . . . A brilliant scholar, she was one of the most unassuming of people, and I would often see her walking around the museum picking up dust bunnies or scraps of paper that visitors had dropped. I loved her dearly and I simply can't fathom a world without her in it.

- Danielle Rice, executive director, Delaware Art Museum

For me working with the great, great lady Anne D'Harnoncourt was one of the most important commissions of my life. I'm devastated and will miss her. We must continue our work at the museum so her dream is ultimately realized.

- Frank O. Gehry, architect

She was one of those larger-than-life personalities and was the center of attention wherever she would go. People always wanted to hear what she had to say. . . . She was both totally sophisticated and down to earth - a wonderful combination. No matter how much I knew about art, she always made me feel like I knew more than I did. She will be sadly missed.

- Mayor Nutter

She was remarkable. She could talk to the man sitting on the park bench on the corner with as much delight and respect as she would the king of England, the queen of England. . . . She was warm - as warm as she was cultured. She just had an incredible humanity about her. I think that's her immortality - her great humanity.

- Lynne Honickman, philanthropist

She carried the image of Philadelphia to the country and the world. She also was a great leader in our city. . . . She was truly in a class by herself.

- Stephanie Naidoff, former Philadelphia

commerce director