A photograph published Saturday accompanying a package on economic problems, including a rise in unemployment in May, and showing students at a job fair at Philadelphia University was taken in April for a story on graduates' perseverance in looking for jobs. The job fair attracted 300 graduating seniors seeking jobs or internships. About 80 employers were present for 15-minute interviews; most of those present then said they were still hiring. The April story noted that "this year's graduates still have plenty of opportunities, compared with graduates who struggled to find jobs during the last economic downturn."

A caption yesterday with a story on proposed parish mergers in South Jersey incorrectly attributed the quote "This is not about how I can save my parish, but how we can best administer to all the people in our area" to a parishioner. It was spoken by Bishop Joseph Galante of Camden.

In Sunday's Travel section, a story about China should have said that the Forbidden City has 99,999 rooms. Also, the conversion of 100 euros into Chinese currency should have been 1,050 RMB.

A photo caption Friday with a story about D-Day misspelled the last name of veteran Carmen Barletta.

A photo caption yesterday with a story about Mount Holly Gardens misspelled the name of Isabelle Cortez.